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Project created on February, 2005. Last update: Apr, 06th, 2005

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Project description

Logcalc is a pilot logbook calculator machine, to be used by pilots to perform simply and quickly all the process to compute their flight time on each page of flight logbooks. It is very simple to use: after starting the program, you will be prompted to enter, for each line of your log, the value of flight hours and then minutes (each one followed by the enter key). In this 0.4 version you will be prompted first to enter the number of lines you desire (it should ne the number of line on your logbook).
Logcalc is now suitable by anyone needing to addition time data.
It is open source. Anyone who would like to help in logcalc development can contact the project administrator at omodei@mad.scientist.org

Operating Systems

Logcalc is designed to operate on GNU/Linux machines. It is written in C so it's easy to compile the source code for many OS. A MS Windows precompiled version (.zip archive containing docs and a .exe file) is also available (Thanks, Xedak).



Logsum was the 2-lines version of Logcalc. It was included in the logcalc_0.X.tar.gz package, for X < 4. Now, having set a multi line choice, the logsum program is no more needed. Just type "2" when prompted by logcalc.


Languages - translations - international features

The main language of the program is English. Translations are kindly requested: please contact omodei@mad.scientist.com to coordinate.

The first version of the program had 18 lines of data (it requested 18 hours & minutes groups) as in many JAA (European Joint Aviation Authority) logs. During the development we created a customizable version of logcalc.
Please note: in Europe many Countries do not permit the electronic recording of flight data. So a program as logcalc is useful (I use it with good results).


Project webpages

This is the project page hosted on logcalc.sourceforge.net (this page) and should be used by people who want to know more of the project or who want to contribute.
Other webpages related to this project are:
Note: if you only want to use the program you can go to the program page hosted on the pesonal website of the project administrator: the url is http://www.omodei-zorini.com/software.html . There you will find a working version of logcalc. For the time being there is no relationship between version numbers: the last version is actually  0.4 but some test versions hosted on the  website linked above  are labeled with 1.x



Files are available at the SourceForge File Release Page
Different releases are available:

GNU/Linux Users
Windows Users
You generally need only one of the two versions

For the time only English (_en_) files are available.
Warning: if you can't read easily the instruction files, please refer to documentation section and you should find what you need... I'm still improving the installation instruction.


How to install logcalc

In the documentation section is explained the simple installation process. Please, check there.


To Do

Some of the actions to be performed first


Help in writing, testing, translating and last but not least improving the program is welcome. Contact omodei@mad.scientist.com to coordinate.


Other Activities

Logcalc should be adapted for every logbook or similar data processing. With the help of Xedak we created a new version with the possibility to add seconds too.
In the near future I hope to develop versions for many activities, like divers and other professionals.


How to use this page

On this page you'll find all information regarding this project. For all other resources (file releases, documentation and operating instructions, screenshots, bugs tracking and so on I'm using the SourceForge's interface, that works great).



Apr 6 2005
Two big news: we launched the new 0.4 version of logalc, with selectable number of lines. It should be available for download in a few days. We are writing the same code in two ways: packages called logcalc_hm_en_0.X.tar.gz are designed to add data in hours and minutes format; packages called logcalc_hms_en_0.X.tar.gz, are designed to add hours, minutes and seconds. this concept is the same for Windows users.

Apr 2 2005
A new version of the logbook calculator is under development. It will be useful to calculate data with seconds too (hh.mm.ss). In the next days a first release should be available.  Thanks to Xedak for modifying the code.


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